Week 8 – Nov 4th 2019

Week 8 – Celebration Event at Fan Wood in Gomersal


We arrived at the woods and had our usual cuppa to warm us up as it was a bit chilly and damp. We split off into groups and went off to do different activities. First, we did a feedback activity and it was nice to hear what everyone else thought about the Reach sessions.

Then we did a large art activity where we collected leaves to make a trail of different colours in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. It looked beautiful when we had finished and it was lovely to work with some Mum’s from the other participating schools.

The rain started then so we were glad to go inside and do another art activity where we made black and white patterns on white tiles. When all the groups finished this we put all the tiles together to create a large piece of art work.  This activity was nice and relaxing and it gave us chance to chat to the other ladies in the group.

We finished off the session with some relaxing breathing exercises and said goodbye to our new friends.

We would like to thank Field Lane School for organising the Reach Outdoors programme and for allowing us to be part of it and thank you to Fiona for all her artistic inspiration. We have had so much fun and learnt lots of new skills and made new friends.

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