The Academy has a Task Group (Governing Body).

The key responsibilities of the Task Group are to:

  • Ensure the quality of educational provision
  • Evaluate pupil outcomes
  • Challenge and monitor performance
  • Take decisions about personnel management
  • Manage financial, physical and human resources

Members of the Task Group (Governing Body members):

Mrs Pat Idle (Chair)

Mr Dan Spencer

Mrs Helen Rowland

Mrs Tracey Thornton

Mrs Shanana Knight

Mrs Jean Elam

Mrs Sarah Quinn

Miss Lucie Smith (Staff Governor)

We are a small but very dedicated group who care about Fieldhead Primary Academy and the achievements of the pupils and staff.

We meet on a monthly basis to monitor and evaluate pupil performance, set a strategic direction for the school and monitor the finances. We work closely with the school management team and the Trust to promote the best opportunities for everyone as we believe that every child should have a good education.


We hope this website will showcase some of the exciting activities and opportunities available at Fieldhead. If you want to know more about the Fieldhead Primary academy then please come and visit us.

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