Attendance & Punctuality

Pupil Attendance & Absence

At Fieldhead Primary Academy we aim for a minimum school attendance target of 95%. If a pupil’s attendance is recorded as being below this, our Family Support Worker and/or the Principal will contact parents/ carers to discuss their child’s attendance.

Absence in Term Time and Taking Holidays

Pupils should not take holiday in term time as it is detrimental to learning and progress.  To help parents avoid term time, our term dates are released to parents in advance of the school year.

Requests for absence during term time will be considered by the Principal although authorisation in uncommon.  Leave of absence may be granted where there are exceptional circumstances. Note that holidays in term time and extended leave are not classified as exceptional circumstances.

Parents/carers should submit their request on the application form which is available from the academy office.

Any pupil who is absent from school without authorisation will have their absences recorded as ‘unauthorised’. 

Fixed penalty

Poor attendance has a significant effect on learning and progress. Where internal systems and partnership working with parents are not effective in improving attendance, a Penalty Notice in accordance with the most recent regulations will be issued.Failure to comply with the penalty notice could render the parent/carer liable to prosecution. This is not a decision that will be taken lightly but our responsibility is to ensure that every child has access to the full provision that is on offer and this cannot be taking place if the child is away from school. Therefore, absence due to holidays in term time will result in action taken in line with national guidelines and regulations on attendance.

 We expect that all parents/ carers who have day to day responsibility for children and staff will: 

  • Attend regularly
  • Attend punctually
  • Attend appropriately prepared for the day
  • Tell someone if there is anything that is stopping the above
  • Encourage regular attendance and be aware of their legal responsibilities

Ensure that the child in their care arrives punctually, prepared for learning

  • Ensure that they contact the academy whenever the child is unable to attend school
  • Contact the academy on the first day of the child’s absence
  • Contact the academy promptly whenever any problem occurs that may keep the child away from school
    • Keep regular and accurate records of attendance for all pupils, twice daily
    • Monitor every pupil’s attendance
    • Contact parents/carers by

9.30 a.m. if a child fails to attend school and where no message has been received

  • Follow up all unexplained absences to obtain notes

Authorising the absence

  • Encourage good attendance
  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Provide a sympathetic response to any pupil’s concerns
  • Make initial inquiries of parents/carers of pupils who are not attending regularly, express their concern and clarify the school’s and the LA’s expectations with regard to regular school attendance
  • Refer irregular or unjustified patterns of attendance to the Education Welfare Service
  • Meet, where possible, the requirements of the UN convention – The Rights of the Child, by ensuring that children are consulted in all decisions that relate to them

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